Use Gmail to collect your mail.

  • May 7, 2020

Why Gmail is a great idea for collecting your websites email

In addition to giving you an e-mail address like, Gmail can also act as an email client, collecting your email from other accounts into one handy location.

There are many benefits to viewing all of your email in Gmail, and once its set up, the process of reading and sending your emails remains the same. Gmail supplies a huge amount of space for your e-mails completely free, has terrific anti-spam measures built in, and comes with lots of add-ons for power users.

If you already have a gmail account, just follow the simple process below to add your email accounts from your own website. If you don't already have a gmail account, please go to and create your account first.

How to Collect your e-mail in Gmail

There might seem like a lot of steps below, but that's only because we have broken it down into every single step of the process. You will probably breeze though this in less than 3 minutes.

In this process we have used the example of adding to gmail, so we can read all these emails in Gmail. So, remember to change that in the examples below to your own email address currently hosted here at MQH. From then all we need to do is store as a bookmark in our browser, and go there anytime we want to read or send emails.

Finally, if you need any help with this, please contact support and we can help you with any questions you may have.

Let's get to it.

Before we begin, make sure you know

a) your domain email address is already working
b) the email password used to collect your email. If you have forgotten this and cannot find the email with the password on it, please contact support beofre continuing.



Open Gmail ( and click the cog on the right hand side of the screen.


Select the SETTINGS option


From here, select the ACCOUNTS AND IMPORT option.

In the CHECK EMAIL FROM OTHER ACCOUNTS section, click on Add an email account.


Here you type the name of your email account that was previously setup for you at MQH. This is you EXISTING email - it must already be a working e-mail address.


On the above screen simply select the second option (POP3) and click Next.


This is the main settings screen to allow Gmail to collect your email. You must enter these details carefully.

a. Enter your domains your full e-mail address
b. Enter the password for your existing domain e-mail address.
c. For the POP server you must enter mail.<yourdomainname>.com ,so yours may be something like or
d. Select 995 for the port
e. Tick as shown above, then click Add Account.


That's all the information Gmail needs to start collecting your e-mail for you!


You will also want to be able to send email from this account, so that when an email arrives from a contact, you can hit "Reply" and send an email, and when that email arrives in your contacts email box it will have your own domain as the email address. 

To do this, click Yes and Next in the above screen.


In this box type your name that you would like to appear above your email when it arrives in your contacts mailbox. In most cases you will want this to be your full name, however you may wish to type a business name in here instead. The choice is yours and you can change it later.

Before continuing, tick the Alias box as shown above.


Similar to Step 6 above, we must now describe the sending server configuration. 

a. The SMTP server is exactly the same as the POP server you used in step 6 above.
b. The username is again, the FULL email address
c. The password is the same password used in Step 6 above.
d. The port this time though is different, set it to 587

Now select the first security option as shown above, then continue.


Thats it! Now you just have to confirm that everything is working. 

Leave that yellow window open and go to your Gmail account and look for a new email from the Gmail team. An example is shown below. Retrieve the code from that email then go back to the yellow window shown above and type this code into the verification box. You can then close the window, you are all done.

If you somehow lost the yellow window above , you can simply click the link in the e-mail instead. 

Here's the example e-mail.

Please contact support with any queries regdaring this process.

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